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About Asteroute

Customers, ranging from private to large corporations may use Asteroute to:

  • provide information (both text-to-speech and recorded announcements are readily updated).
  • direct callers to the most appropriate agent using directed prompts (Interactive Voice Response - IVR)
  • ensure that callers are never not provided with a response, either an agent in office hours or a message out of hours
  • ensure that incoming calls are effectively distributed among agents
  • provide a switching service so that a call recipient can always control which (perhaps of many) destination(s) is to receive incoming calls.

In order to ensure that voice prompts and announcements are in the language that expected callers can understand, Asteroute provides a means to easily record announcements , and update announcements in a 'live' service. Text-to-speech (TTS) prompts and announcements can be created to say a text message in one of a number of languages.