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Welcome to Asteroute

Manmade Web Limited is proud to announce the deployment of Asteroute.

Asteroute is a Cloud-based voice application providing advanced services to incoming VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) callers.

Asteroute provides the incoming call interface for the Fonznik.

Asteroute will be made available as Software as a Service (SaaS) , marketed through Amazon Web Services as a subscription service, There will be no recurring license costs or any contracts - only a usage charge.

Asteroute is, we believe, unique in that it is the only service offering advanced date/time features that can be viewed in a user specified time-zone, and offers multi-lingual Text-to-Speach (TTS) features. It is designed from the outset to be able to be used by anyone anywhere in the world.

Each incoming call will have a small processing charge, plus a per-minute termination charge if the call is directed to a phone (pstn) destination.

Incoming callers may have called directly using a SIP URI (Universal Resource Indicator ) or the call may have come via an Internet Gateway provider (also called an Origination Service Provider), where a call to an ordinary telephone number is forwarded to the Internet.

Incomong calls may be directed to either SIP or PSTN terminations. Alternatively, customers may use Asteroute as an information service, providing audio information using either recorded announcements and/or TTS. Both recorded and TTS announcements can be easily changed, even when in use in a 'live' service, making it possible to provide up-to-date information to incoming callers.

Asteroute's ease of use makes it the perfect tool to easily configure call service rules, either as a primary service , or as a rapid prototyping tool.

Asteroute is deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure, benefiting from both platform scalability and reliability made possible by multiple redundant servers.

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