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Everyone, both companies and individuals, are welcome to join the Asteroute Agent and Consulant community.
Members of the comunity provide Asteroute support and consultancy services to their Asteroute customers.
In addition to being able to charge a fee for consultancy and routing plan design services, agents are paid a commision of $0.03 for each call processed by Asteroute for their customers.
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Typical users of Asteroute services would include both Telephony Service providers and business end-users:
  • Telephony Service providers may wish to provide additional services to their customers
  • Cloud PBX and ACD service providers can provide tailored call-routing to incoming calls and provide additional incoming call channels. Typically inbound calls originate on the PSTN, by utilizing SIP over WebRTC inbound calls may originate on the browser.
  • Origination and Termination Service providers can protect inbound call revenue where the inbound call originates in the Cloud rather than the PSTN
  By using Asteroute the customer can:
  • Provide customizable call routing to inbound calls without having to route the calls to external service providers like Twilio, Plivo, Vonage or SignalWire,
  • Provide integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Polly for Text-to-Speech and Amazon Lex for Speech Recognition
  • Enable WebRTC browser SIP clients
  • Access global markets using the multi-lingual functionality of Lex and Polly
  • Build Call Routing Plans (CRP) using the time-zone of the country that the Asteroute service/CRP is designed for.
What is Asteroute?
Over the last ten years Manmade Web Limited (MMW) has developed a media server and IP call-routing engine called Asteroute . Earlier this year Asteroute has had WebRTC functionality added.
SIP over WebRTC using secure WebSockets connecting to normal SIP servers enables a browser to become a SIP client. A browser SIP client, using Asteroute services, can be routed to a single telephone number, a call-centre, or a media service – providing an interactive voice channel to a web-browser user.
Why use Asteroute?
Customers, or potential customers, call seeking to speak to someone who can assist. If calling about a problem, or to make a complaint, a sympathetic ear is sufficient to establish a connection to an existing customer, or potentially a future customer. Word-of-mouth about a helpful, empathetic response can bring more customers by establishing a reputation of being a company that is a pleasure to do business with. Be the go-to company for a particular service.
Every business, no matter what service is provided, is an Information Service Provider to a person seeking information.
The purpose of Asteroute is to enable the service/product provider to direct the caller to the most effective agent, and to ensure that the caller will always get a response – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – using the voice channel the customer prefers.
When a person is seeking information a web page is sometimes not enough, often with too much or too little data, making finding information difficult. By adding a voice channel to the web-page the user can connect directly to an expert agent for more information.
A longer description of the benefits of a web-page voice channel can be found here - LinkedIn Article.  
Because WebRTC runs in the browser, and is platform agnostic, if the user is using a smartphone with limited screen space a click to hear the content of the page may be useful. Also good for smart watches with internet connectivity.

Explore some of Asteroute/AsterConn features 
AsterConn – a package of html components, allows the user to link a web-page to any of the customer's Asteroute services.
see Asteroute Service Examples for examples of the types of Asteroute services that can be built.
Try the 'Thinq demo' button on the examples page to hear an example of a voice IVR utilizing the speech recognition capability of Amazon Lex.
The Asteroute service can provide audio information using TTS or recorded messages, or direct the call to the customer’s PBX or a termination number - anything that can be reached using a SIP URI.
  Provide tailored media and routing services to an international customer base
Right from the beginning Asteroute was designed to function internationally.
  All Asteroute services, each with one or more Call Routing Plans (CRP), can have a designated time-zone. This means that, although internally the processing logic operates in GMT, the  CRP designer can work in the time-zone that the Asteroute service will be functioning in. If the service is designed to manage incoming calls for a company in Sydney, the CRP designer can logically view the plan in ‘Sydney time’.
  The Text-to-speech (TTS) functionality is provided by Amazon Polly which supports all these languages
Similarly, the speech recognition functionality is provided by Amazon Lex v2 which supports these languages.  
Asteroute will enable you to provide multi-lingual incoming call management services to wide range of international customers.

The technology
Behind the Asteroute GUI and AsterConn apps is the infrastructure that makes it all happen:
Asteroute integrates open source applications and AWS services:
  • Asterisk for the media server and call routing - Java API for custom functionality
  • Opensips for SBC, load-balancing and registrar services
  • RTPEngine for translating web-socket protocol to and from UDP
  • AWS Polly for Text-to-Speech (TTS)
  • AWS Lex for Speech recognition.
  • AWS Lambda for additional custom AWS Lex processing
  • Other AWS services used are Oracle 19 RDS and Route 53 DNS